I believe most of you guys who hit on this blog post likely to have the same problem with me “Can you check gc log for me”. Checking gc log is not a difficult job however it’s a bit boring if you have multiple servers, like Weblogic cluster, and you have to go through each of them one by one. With a help of GCViewer, your life become easier but still you have to transfer it out and open each of them every time your boss ask you to do it. I’m getting bored of this and have been looking for a free solution for quite sometime but couldn’t find the one that suits my needs yet. So, I’ve just created one.

GCWebViewer, an (near realtime) online gc log monitoring based on GCViewer, built on top of standard Java EE 5 framework with a big help from dygraphs lib, however GCViewer needs Java 7 to run. Therefore, you application server needs to support Java 7 to deploy GCWebViewer

Main features of GCWebViewer are

  • multiple gc logs are presented in the same page
  • Ability to zoom in and zoom out at one click thanks to dygraphs
  • GC logs will be updated at your given interval (Almost real-time)
  • Support both Local and remote file system via SSH (Tested on RHEL5)
  • Export GC log to PNG (Zoom support) thanks to dygraphs-export
  • Configuration file via YAML no database is required


I’ve tried this on a large weblogic production system with multiple managed servers and it seems to hold up just fine after a few bug fixes (on my side). It took less than 3 seconds to render > 100,000 data points on Chrome.

If anyone interested to use GC Web Viewer please visit GCWebViewer’s github.